Welcome to Results Mediators
A good settlement is better than a good lawsuit.
~ Abraham Lincoln

Results Mediators provide effective and economical conflict resolution services to both corporate and private clients for litigated and non-litigated matters across Canada. We believe that mediation creates the best opportunity for parties to find a mutually acceptable result in contrast to the uncertain, costly, and lengthy litigation process.

Susan and Avril together bring over 35 years of litigation and mediation experience on both the Plaintiff and Defendant side of disputes. Their compassion for all the participants and the process creates a unified atmosphere that supports the parties throughout negotiation to an ultimate resolution.

Why Mediate? Trial vs. Mediation


The legal system is overburdened, with trials often booking four to five years from the scheduling date. Mediations can be booked as early as the parties choose, often within the first year or months of beginning a lawsuit.


By the end of any civil litigation trial, legal costs for both parties are easily in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Mediation is a one or half day process with a reasonable fixed fee that is a mere fraction of trial costs. 


At trial, the decision is made by a judge whose only exposure to the issues is limited by legal rules and format. The result is an all or nothing outcome. With mediation, the parties are in control of the process and outcome.  

Results Mediators gives you control over your time, costs and outcome.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

– Albert Einstein